Perfect for the training environment before students take a live model. These mannequin heads are flat on the back and perfect for lash artists to perfect their form for lash isolation, lash placement and tweezer management before taking a model. Soft Silicone Size: 23CM*15CM*10CM Weight: 400g,Package: INSTRUCTION: Spray the eyelash head with hairspray before making up; Rub some liquid hand soap on your head to remove make up after using; Isopropyl alcohol or olive oil can help to remove stubborn stains. A head touch can be reused, do not wipe the water out of each exercise, to be relieved as soon as possible with a professional cleansing oil, to avoid coloring. Headform specific makeup products depends on the time and the user's own cleaning habits die head loss is not easy to use for a long time without replacing the entire shader to steal touch, just buy the scalp, continue to use set on the head mold

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